Business owners – you are missing a trick!

Stressed Business WomanQ: How do companies get more from their sales staff & managers?
A: Invest in a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist and get them to unlock their potential.

Having worked within the Sales industry for many, many years I have seen my fair share of sales training. Some of it good, some of it bad and most of it not as effective as it should be (considering the money that companies pay for a big shot sales trainer).

They will say “You need to simply ask for the order!”.

All of the sales staff will agree and nod their heads, “It’s so simple, why didn’t I think of it before! I will try it”.

Everybody leaves the seminar all positive and ready to hit their customers with this new found confidence, only for half of the team to report at the next sales meeting that “The client just didn’t want to place it with me, I did ask!”.
Of course, whether they did ask, or didn’t, what stopped the order was the fact the the sales guys didn’t believe in the question, didn’t feel comfortable with the question or will not say the question as they didn’t think it was appropriate for them.

What solution-focused Hypnotherapy can offer companies is the removal of these limiting beliefs. We get staff to work through their anxieties and fears to allow them to thrive and be the people they want to be, and help your business thrive.

This works just as well for Managers and Executives, perhaps they are struggling to cope with all the paperwork, troubles at home, troubles with colleagues, fears of making decisions and even the overwhelming feeling of despair and loneliness being at the top.
We also work effectively with general staff, reducing long-term absenteeism, building the confidence of staff with potential yet lack their own confidence.

A Hypnotherapist can be your most cost-effective part-time employee.

Talk now to your local therapist (and if you are in the Bath & Wiltshire area then please talk to me) to see how wecan help you and your business.

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