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Our memory capacity could be 10 times larger than we thought

This fascinating article, whilst rather “science’y” suggests that our understanding of of how our memories are store is farmer conservative than we imagined. When we pout this in to the context of my therapy room, one of the key elements

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Guys, Bad News: Negative People Are Doing This to Your Brain

We all know a friend or colleague that drags us down. However a recent study shows how damaging that friend can be. Many of my clients adjust their social circle when they start to improve their lives, spending more time

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‘Irritation and anger’ may lead to Brexit, says influential psychologist

A common theme within my practice is where my customers make decisions based on fear (real or imaginary) rather than an intellectual assessment of the situation. I explain that when we base a decision from our limbic part of our

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5 Psychology ‘Facts’ You Believe (That Are Myths)

This great article from explains in it’s typically honest way (a great website for interesting facts on pretty much everything, and written with a tongue-in-cheek style), 5 myths that I regularly encounter within the therapy room.  Namely: Depression, the

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I am now a member of the National Board for Modern Psychotherapists (NBFMP)

Within the amazing profession of solution-focused hypnotherapy, we as therapists have a duty an obligation to constantly improve and adapt to the very latest in modern psychology understanding and science. It is with that drive in mind that I have … Read the rest