Relaxation for great sleep by Mark Jones is now available on YouTube

It is with great pleasure that I have uploaded my “Relaxation for Great Sleep” CD onto YouTube for you to enjoy and benefit from.

It’s essential that we have good sleep patterns and if you are one of my clients, you’ll know how important it is that we get our REM sleep (that period in our sleeping where our eyes flicker under the eyelids and when our brain makes ‘sense’ of emotional memories/ problems and reduces stress in our lives).

I will be adding more relaxation techniques in 2016 and also of me providing help and tools in getting our lives under our control and becoming happier, more content and confident. Watch this space.

If this has got you thinking about making changes in your life then drop me a line (I work in Wiltshire & Bath) and also cover the UK for corporate clients. Contact me HERE.

Please enjoy the track HERE or watch it below.

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