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How to Overcome the Fear of Therapy

Rustic wooden sign in an autumn park with the words Afraid- Brave offering a choice of action and attitude with arrows pointing in opposite directions in a conceptual image.

One of the most common questions that I have from people when they find out what I do is “So who are the types of people you work with?”, to which my reply is “Everybody: you, me, and everyone that

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Business owners – you are missing a trick!

Stressed Business WomanQ: How do companies get more from their sales staff & managers?
A: Invest in a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist and get them to unlock their potential.

Having worked within the Sales industry for many, many years I have seen my fair … Read the rest

The Psychology of Mindfulness

This is an interesting article from The British Psychological Society on the latest focus on well-being, Mindfulness.

Right now, mindfulness is a hot topic in psychology and beyond. In 2012, 40 new papers on mindfulness were published every monthRead the rest

Life Coach Yourself – Exercise – Lose those Limiting Beliefs and free yourself from those negative thoughts!

One of the problems with being human is that we forget how great we are. When we are very young, we only have ourselves to reference to, so when we do something positive we reward ourselves with the belief that … Read the rest