Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and fulfilling experience to empower you to get more out of life, overcome barriers and provide a road-map to achieve what you want. I have provided answers for the most common questions but if you have any that I haven’t answered then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reaching for the sky with Solution-focused Hypnotherapy

How Can Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy help me?

My goodness, the answer to this is that there are no limits, however I will explain just a few of the areas that clients have come to me to achieve (and they did!). How you are able….

  • to become the person that you would like to be.
  • to gain confidence in yourself.
  • become happy (and let’s face it, if we have everything else in our life right, happiness is generally the gain).
  • make your relationship to work.
  • become more organised and successful in what you do.
  • to get your spark back.
  • to become more effective at work.
  • to lose weight and regain your health.
  • to be a better sports-person/ business person/ problem-solver/ human.
  • to be able to cope and deal with problems so much better.

Will Solution-focused Hypnotherapy answer why I do certain things?

Absolutely, part of the journey (and why my therapy is so effective) is you understand why you….

  • worry so much?
  • have such a low opinion of yourself?
  • feel judged all the time?
  • behave in a way that defies common-sense?
  • sometimes become so irrational in your thinking?
  • act sooooo moody?
  • let emotional thoughts prevent me from reaching my potential in work and in life?

And not only that, this journey with me will also explain why you can’t….

  • stop worrying about what others think?
  • make decisions?
  • control my anger?
  • deal with unpleasant people?
  • stop overreacting?
  • stop overeating?
  • remain faithful?
  • stop drinking too much alcohol?

As I said, you will have your own lists, and the honest truth is there isn’t one area that I cannot help you with to deal with things better, make those better decisions, see opportunities all around you and get you enjoy your life.

Ok, so what do I (You) have to do to benefit from Solution-focused Hypnotherapy?

This is very simple (and I love simple) and you only need to do this one thing: you need to want to change your life. If you have the intent, then I will show you the way. That’s it!

Alright, there is a bit more. You’ll need to attend fun, enjoyable, motivational and relaxing (that’s the hypnosis bit) hourly sessions, ideally on a weekly basis. There isn’t homework as such except getting into good sleeping patterns (you’ll totally understand why) and the typical time spent with me is between 8-12 weeks (if you are a smoker then all you need is a two hour session, then you are a non-smoker!).

Many of my amazing clients stay with me because they achieve so much that they have a thirst for maximising everything in their lives. Others require only a few sessions and blast their way into another orbit, self-propelled and with everything that they need. Others simply need that reassurance and they are on their way.

It’s sounding good, so what will this Solution-focused Hypnotherapy journey offer me beyond the obvious reason I came to you with?

This journey and quite possibly the best investment you will ever make (it’s an investment that will keep giving) because you’ll never ever be the same again: you’ll think better, you’ll deal with problems better, you’ll see opportunities better: You’ll be able to….

  • understand how your mind works.
  • understand yourself and others.
  • manage your emotions and thoughts.
  • improve the quality of your life.
  • become more happier and successful.
  • improve your confidence and self-esteem.
  • identify what is holding you back or preventing you from having a happier and more successful life.

Right, I’m on it, so how much is this Solution-focused Hypnotherapy?

So you’ve read everything above, your are feeling motivated and you want to start. Brilliant, so the start of your journey is the initial consultation. You’ll never un-know what you will learn in that first meeting and you’ll never think the same way either. It’s only £60 and  you’ll get my FREE relaxation CD to take away. Wonderful isn’t it!

So, after the first consultation, the magic has already started. The subsequent sessions turns that knowledge into action. Those sessions are £60 each and typically run for between 8-12 weeks. Some of you will require less, some of you will enjoy more. And guess what, and this is a first within this industry, you’l be able to see your journey progress using cutting edge graphical software, seeing your development and corresponding happiness. You can decide when the time is right to go forth and be in total control of your own wonderful destiny.

To make it even easier for you, I take cards, money, cheques, PayPal and bank transfers – your choice.

Ok, what do I do now to make the biggest and most positive change in my life?

This is the easiest and for some of you, the scariest bit. I promise that you’ll back to this very moment, and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. So without delay, you can….

  • Pick up the phone (0789 0031223), talk to me & book  the consultation.
  • Fill in the online form on the right (top of page) with some dates and times.
  • Drop me an email at mark@markjonesconsultancy.com

I look forward to the privilege of working with you to get the very best life, happiness and focus.

I would like to acknowledge Professor Steve Peters and his inspirational book The Chimp Paradox for some of the above points. He eloquently explains why becoming mentally healthy is so essential in all aspects of our lives. A great author who has added to my own therapeutic knowledge and given me the language to explain what I do better. 

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