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Smoking cannabis just once as a teenager is enough to alter brain structure

Within my practice I am seeing more and more Millennials who come wanting to address mental challenges, confidence issues etc. One of the consistent threads that I hear amongst many of them is the regular use of cannabis. The reasons

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Why that cigarette, chocolate bar, or new handbag feels so good: how pleasure affects our brain

Ever wanted to know why you do the things you do and then regret them later? This article explains the cycle of addictive behaviours. For those of you that have come to me for weight loss, you’ll know that it’s

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Pub smoking ban: 10 charts that show the impact

As a hypnotherapist that regular helps smokers give up the habit, this interesting article provides us with a review of the last 10 years since the smoking ban. Very fascinating it is.

For those of you still smoking don’t despair

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2 Alarming Findings About How Poor Sleep Hurts Your Heart

Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep! Why is it that when we are out of sorts, feeling stressed and generally unhappy, our sleep suffers? Well, for those of you who have already worked with me, you’ll understand that ‘the bucket’ is pretty

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Do e-cigarettes make it harder to stop smoking?

This is an interesting article that looks at the positive and negative aspects of replacing smoking with e-cigarettes. Whilst the scientific research is still being carried out on the health aspects of e-cigarettes (popcorn-lung may be a symptom), my personal

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Special January 2016 Offer – Anti-smoking Hypnotherapy session for only £99

cigarette_smoke_tobaccoI am excited to announce that for January 2016 I will be offering my incredibly effective Anti-smoking hypnotherapy session for a massively discounted price of £99 rather than the normal £150 charge. So if you are a smoker then do … Read the rest

Frequent use of high potency pot may lead to brain damage

In a recent article below, a new study has discovered in addition to the increased risk of psychosis of long term cannabis use, the higher potency “skunk” variations have now been linked to brain damage.

As a therapist I work

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After giving birth, up to 90% of smokers take up the habit again!

In a revealing study from The Guardian below, within certain groups of women, up to a staggering 90% of those that smoked before being pregnant then take up the habit again. Many of them believing that it helps them cope

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