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Why some of my biggest successes have been with angry people?

I shall let you in to a little secret. One of my favourite types of client is an angry client. For those that know me, I am very un-confrontational and abhor aggression, so it appears strange (to me at least) … Read the rest

New Therapy Room & More Hours

I am very pleased to announce that I am now available throughout the week (Monday to Friday) from 9:00am to late in my home-based new therapy room in Cepen Park North in Chippenham (by Morrisons).

The convenience of having an … Read the rest

I am back for therapy

After a rather testing period for all of us over the last year I am pleased to announce that I am now back practicing for one on one therapy sessions in my new therapy room below. Utmost care will be … Read the rest

Coronavirus Re-opening

I am pleased to announce that the therapy room is now open for clients again. My room is now in Bumpers Farm, Chippenham and due to the current situation, running at a reduced diary. Currently Wednesdays and Fridays between 5:00pm … Read the rest

I Am Taking A Break

I have been privileged to share hundreds of peoples amazing journeys over the years. It is with this inspiration that I have decided to explore a new journey myself and it’s with a sad heart that I am putting on … Read the rest

REM vs. deep sleep: What’s the difference?

Sleep – the corner stone to having a happy life. One of the reasons I use hypnosis in the therapy room is that it creates a clinical setting for REM sleep to happen, it also shows you how good sleep

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Dream Deprivation: How Loss of REM Sleep Impacts Health and Learning

Those of you that have come to see me will well know the importance of REM sleep. The very purpose of hypnosis is to create a clinical setting for turbo-charged REM sleep. When we disrupt our REM sleep then problems

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Some Clever Bastard Has Figured Out Exactly How Long The Ideal Holiday Is

Well then, we finally have the answer that keeps coming up regularly in the therapy room. I need not say any more except enjoy this article.
Comment by Mark Jones

Scrolling wistfully past the impossibly perfect snaps of Instagram’s travel … Read the rest

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Ever read something that has made you sit back and make you pause for thought. This article you are about to read is one of those moments. As a Psychotherapist, good quality sleep is essential for my clients in order

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The neuroscience of motivation—and how it can change your life

This great article explains the process of motivation: the neuroscience behind the process and the actions we can do ourselves to ensure this happens. What is encouraging about this article is that they understand the importance of understanding the science

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