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Depressed men who don’t see a therapist regularly ‘are likely to turn to sex or porn – while women comfort eat’

So it is true what they say. Women eat and men look at porn when we are depressed. As a therapist I see more men now than I have ever done. It’s still not enough, however men are now starting

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Why psychopaths cannot love their own children

A familiar theme in my therapy room is people who have spent their life seeking the approval of a parent and never quite achieving it, no matter what they do. Typically being belittled, being ignored, told that a sibling is

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Guys, Bad News: Negative People Are Doing This to Your Brain

We all know a friend or colleague that drags us down. However a recent study shows how damaging that friend can be. Many of my clients adjust their social circle when they start to improve their lives, spending more time

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Go to Bed, Woman! 6 Reasons You Need More Sleep

Clients of mine will know how much I go on about getting those 6-8 hours in every night because of the importance of ’emptying our stress buckets’. The specific reason is that we need to get sufficient REM sleep (rapid

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How to Never Get Involved with a Psychopath, Narcissist or Sociopath—or Any Abuser—Ever Again

A subject most passionate to my heart: getting away fro sociopaths, psychopaths snd narcissists. This article is perfectly written and explains what to look for and to avoid.

If you have extracted yourself from such a relationship and ready to

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11 Ways You’re Secretly Ruining Your Relationship

This is a great little article regarding relationships and how you could be ruining them. Listed below are  11 pointers to look out for, and apart from number 5 (you’ll understand when you read it) you can apply all of

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5 Factors That Predict If a Marriage Will Last, According to Divorce Lawyers

Here are some fascinating facts about the likelihood of a marriage lasting. Obviously when I work with clients that are having relationship issues, it’s typically a build up of behaviour, changes in circumstances, etc. However these 5 points can all

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8 Reasons You Need To Dump Your Man Today

This short little article pretty much summarises the things to look out for in a relationship that is in it’s death-throes but you don’t want to admit it. Although this is written from a female perspective, it also applies the

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Hypnotherapy Helped Me End a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships can be helped with Hypnotherapy

This article from Cosmopolitan describes how Hypnotherapy can create change, and for the writer it was to escape a bad relationship. Change can also mean applying for that new job, building bridges with family or friends, breaking that cycle of

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How It Feels When the Person You Love Has Depression

Living with someone with depression

This rather refreshing account is written by someone who was in a relationship who was suffering with depression. Many articles are written about the sufferer, yet in my therapy room I work with many people who are simply trying to

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