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3 Secrets of People Who Always Crush Their Personal Goals

These 3 great tactics explain clearly the method for achieving the things you want to achieve: have a system, be clear what you want to achieve, and measure it. In my therapy room we use a the ‘miracle question’ technique

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Life Coach Yourself Podcast 003 – The Circle of Life

This podcast is a wonderful exercise in looking at all aspects of your life and provides a visually clear method of identifying areas that you perhaps need to focus on. I would recommend that you do this every 6 months … Read the rest

Life Coach Yourself Podcast 002 – Affirmations

This podcast gets you to examine all of the great things that make you YOU. By recognising them and remembering them you will gain confidence and appreciation of yourself. It also removes self-loathing and guilt that could be affecting your … Read the rest

36 Questions To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

Many of us have experienced on-line dating, and many of us have experienced that awkward meeting where perhaps the date has run out of conversational steam. Well, despair  no more, a fascinating study by Psychology Researcher Arthur Aron on interpersonal … Read the rest

Life Coach Yourself – Exercise – Affirmations; remind yourself how great you are!

Life can be exhausting and it is easy to forget all the great things that make you, YOU! We may be working hard, we may feel undervalued, unappreciated and this can lead us to feel rather negatively about ourselves. This … Read the rest

Podcast – Life Coach Yourself 001 – The Year isn’t over yet!

This week’s podcast is all about getting the maximum out of the remaining year or over the next month.

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Life Coach Yourself – Exercise – Lose those Limiting Beliefs and free yourself from those negative thoughts!

One of the problems with being human is that we forget how great we are. When we are very young, we only have ourselves to reference to, so when we do something positive we reward ourselves with the belief that … Read the rest

Life Coaching Yourself – Exercise – The Year isn’t finished yet so complete those goals!

2015 is just around the corner so it’s a perfect time to reflect on the year. Write down a list of all the great achievements that you have accomplished this year. Now congratulate yourself!

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