Life Coach Yourself – Exercise – Affirmations; remind yourself how great you are!

Life can be exhausting and it is easy to forget all the great things that make you, YOU! We may be working hard, we may feel undervalued, unappreciated and this can lead us to feel rather negatively about ourselves. This can then affect our self-confidence, our ability to react positively to life’s problems, lead us to not care about our health, weight, fitness and appearance, neglect communicating with our loved ones and other creeping problems that affect our happiness and wellbeing.
Well, todays exercise will put a stop to that! Affirmations are positive statements that we have about ourselves that are there to remind us how great we are as a person. We can forget all of the positive attributes that make us the person that we were, affirmations bring us back to a positive, healthy belief in ourselves.


Get a fresh sheet of paper and pen and write at the top as a heading “Who I am” and underline it!

Now, write down all of the wonderful things that make you, YOU. Don’t be bashful, instead be honest and think back at all of the times you felt great, felt proud, felt that you were contributing to your own happiness, and also your partner’s, your friends & family’s and society’s as a whole. Celebrate you!

Once you have written the list, read it through on a weekly/ regular basis. It will remind you of what you really are, especially if doubts creep in. I guarantee you will smile to yourself and metaphorically pat yourself on the back every time you re-read it.
As an example, here are my own affirmations (I regularly do my exercises, what kind of life coach would I be otherwise?).

  1. I am an ‘all-round good egg”.
  2. I am warm & considerate.
  3. I am an honest and genuine person.
  4. I enjoy hearing people’s life journeys, and celebrate with them.
  5. I am a faithful partner.
  6. I am a doting and proud father.
  7. I am hard working.
  8. I love to learn.
  9. I like to smile and raise a smile from others.
  10. I have very few regrets.
  11. I am proud of my achievements.
  12. I am a good & loyal friend.

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