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The good, the bad and…the Cortisol

Want to stop ageing, loose weight, manage diabetes, then drop the stress in your life! This really interesting article explain that when we are operating from fear or stress, the very chemical that we produce to help us survive in

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Study shows that depressive symptoms increase with age

The perception has been that older people are happier than younger people is now being challenged. A recent study has suggested that from the age of 65, people get more depressed as the get older.

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Hypnotherapy for IBS

This positive article on using Hypnotherapy to reduce the symptoms of this deliberating illness. Interestingly, with solution-focused Hypnotherapy that we practice, we are seeing a greater response by using very effecting psychotherapy techniques prior to the trance work….

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Pain Management with Hypnotherapy

Pain management

Pain Management with HypnotherapyWe often take for granted feeling physically well and fit, so when we experience pain for prolonged periods of time, it can have reverberating effects on our lives in terms of our work and relationships.

With chronic pain,

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Green Tea For The Brain

If you haven’t traded in your morning latte for a grande green tea,
you’re missing the boat to good health. It’s no secret that green tea
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