There is no better profession than therapy; I am always amazed at the resources my clients draw upon to improve their lives, cope with problems and aspire to their dreams. Below are just a few testimonials from my clients;

Mark offers a truly amazing service. From the first session Mark helped me improve my life by installing a confidence in me. He gave me the tools to make changes, even if just small ones, and empowered me to achieve my goals in life. He helped me set achievable goals and never judged my choices. Mark has a warm positivity about him that makes him extremely easy to talk to. He always made me feel at easy and explained things in a clear simple manner, which allowed me to understand every step of the hypnotherapy. The relaxation during the session impacted on my day to day life and helped me sleep a whole lot better. I was better able to think clearly and reflect on my plans, before taking action, as i was better able to cope with stress each day. Mark can change your approach to life and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be! – Mrs K, Aged 36

visited Mark for about three months during which time he completely transformed me. I was so stressed and angry about everything that I wore myself and everyone round me out. Now I am relaxed, happy and can keep things in proportion. I am enjoying life so much more. All my friends say “Thank you Mark”. I would recommend him to anyone who could do with some help coping with life. And he is really nice, too. – Mrs B, Aged 61

year ago I was in a completely different place than I am today and I can honestly say a big part of that was down to the support of a lovely gentleman who guided me through some challenges I was facing in my life. I was given encouragement, advice and guidence through every step of my journey and with his support my confidence grew and I was finally able to face my fears and make some important changes. I cannot thank him enough. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. – Mrs A,  Aged 26

I was sabotaging my career, my relationships and my future until I was recommended to meet with Mark. He helped me realise that I was fighting with who I really was and once I had accepted this my life changed completely. I now have a new relationship and I am being considered for promotion. Thank You. – Mr G, Wiltshire. Aged 31

Mark listened to my story, never judged me and showed me how to change my way of thinking. Life is great! – Mrs P, Cornwall. Aged 43

Mark helped me in re-igniting my passion for football. I soon discovered after several coaching sessions what was stopping me being actively involved in something that I truly loved. As a benefit, my relationship with my father improved massively. – Mr A, Cornwall. Aged 36

I was consumed in a disastrous relationship for over a year, seeking approval and affection. Mark made me realise that I deserved a loving and respectful relationship. I ditched my boyfriend and am enjoying a new journey of self discovery. I would recommend Mark if you are in a similar situation. – Ms J. Devon Aged 48

I was in a dead-end job and didn’t have a clue where I was going. Mark taught me to start believing in myself again, build up my confidence and start applying for jobs that I realised I deserved to get. I am in my dream job although I have a lot of training to do! I know I am capable of the work required. I would thoroughly recommend Mark! – Mrs B, Cornwall, Aged 35

Mark taught me how to keep my cool when under pressure. I had never heard of ‘anchoring’ before and now use it in other areas of my life. Thank you. – Mr P, Cornwall

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