Life Coaching Yourself – Exercise – The Year isn’t finished yet so complete those goals!

2015 is just around the corner so it’s a perfect time to reflect on the year. Write down a list of all the great achievements that you have accomplished this year. Now congratulate yourself!

Next, write down all of the things that you would still like to achieve that you didn’t quite get around to doing. It may be that regular exercise that you never quite got around to, or it might be getting up 1/2 an hour earlier each morning so you don’t end up rushing around before work. It may be to start that book you promised yourself that you’d read because your friend recommended it -you’ll finish it by Xmas!

Lastly, keep that ‘to-do’ list by your bed or on the fridge door, somewhere that you won’t miss seeing it. See how many things on that list you can do before the end of the year.

Not only will you feel great but you will have de-cluttered your goals, in preparation of a great year ahead.

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