Life Coach Yourself – Exercise – Lose those Limiting Beliefs and free yourself from those negative thoughts!

One of the problems with being human is that we forget how great we are. When we are very young, we only have ourselves to reference to, so when we do something positive we reward ourselves with the belief that we are a good person.

Over time we replace our own positive self-beliefs with what we perceive others think of us. This is called a limiting belief and can have long-lasting negative repurcusions though out our life. By challenging these perceived beliefs we can free ourselves from these heavy chains and start believing in ourselves again.

Examples of limiting beliefs can be;

  • A teacher told me I was stupid and I so I never went to college as I was sure I would fail.
  • An ex-partner said I was fat and unattractive. I have assumed other people think of me the same.
  • I think of myself as a good person but when I compare myself to others I think that I’m not as good as I thought.
  • I believe that I am not interesting so I act shy so people avoid having conversations with me.

One of my favourite sayings that sums up limiting beliefs is “Whatever you think you are, you are probably correct”.

In simple terms, and this can be illustrated in the following example, what this means is that if you believe that you are unluckily then you will behave as if you are unlucky and look out for negative signs to reinforce this belief, ignoring all of the ‘lucky’ things that are happening to you. This follows in many element of our lives.

People who think positively, act positively. People that belief they deserve success with find success and so it goes on.

Next time you are due to meet new people (work colleagues. new friends etc), run through your minds eye yourself as ” confident, interesting person and that the people you will meet will come away thinking that you are a nice person”. What will happen is that your body language will change, you will become more approachable, you will listen more to what the other person says and respond with better questions and responses.

Identify other limiting beliefs and challenge those negative thoughts, behave and act how you would want to act. You will be amazed how effective this is!

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