8 Reasons You Need To Dump Your Man Today

This short little article pretty much summarises the things to look out for in a relationship that is in it’s death-throes but you don’t want to admit it. Although this is written from a female perspective, it also applies the other way around. Short, sweet and to the point.

If you are struggle to make the right decisions in your life then it may be time to see a therapist and create the environment to move forward, positively and happily. We only have one life so make it count.

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It’s time to finally admit that this relationship isn’t working. Your fantasies of a perfect you + him = happily ever after are never coming true.

You didn’t fail, it just didn’t work and it’s time to end it. Or is it?

So, when is a breakup something you must do?

When do you decide that you love him, but you love yourself more?

Any woman who has ever had a breakup will tell you that she “knew.” And oftentimes, she knew weeks or even months before she finally had “the conversation.”

The problem with waiting too long is that in those extra months you may develop resentment, anger, even hatred, or you could simply start acting bitchy and shut down. You finally arrive at a place where you know that you have to do it.

One of the markers is “I miss your smile, but I miss mine more.”

How do you honor your own intuition and not linger so long that the relationship (and the mounting resentment) become damaging?

Trust yourself. You know when you’re making excuses and settling for less than you deserve. It’s time for courage. It’s time to choose honoring yourself and your intuition.

Signs that it’s SO over and time to move on:

  1. You don’t like who you are when you are with him.
  2. You stop showing your best self.
  3. You stop putting energy into your appearance (shaving, makeup), not because you feel comfortable, but because you just don’t care.
  4. You’re making excuses for him.
  5. You feel like you are settling for less than you deserve.
  6. You don’t want to touch him.
  7. You make excuses about why you can’t have sex, or even kiss right now.
  8. Everything and everyone else is more important than spending time with him.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Relate deal with relationships!! Xx
  2. I disagree with any therapist that would give therapy to end anyone’s relationship, rebuild their confidence & self esteem by all means. Relationships have there ups & downs, it’s stresses of today’s society, this can affect a relationship in many ways. Financial problems, for example, unable to afford those once enjoyable times, continuous bills coming in, stress at work, & so on. There is often a underlying, unsolved problem that cause us to withdraw. Many do just give up & take the easy way out, instead of working on the relationship. Involving others in domestic issues isn’t always a good option either, for it is easy for others to give advice & their opinions, they are not in the relationship, therefor, feelings do not exist, nor will it effect them.

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