A hypnotic meeting with Former WBC World Boxing Champion, Glenn Catley

Mark Jones Hypnotherapy and Glenn CatleyAfter many 100’s of hours of hard work, late nights and a voyage of self discovery I am weeks away from becoming a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (the gold standard of hypnotherapy) I met an inspiring, hypnotic and genuine man who for the boxing fans amongst us will know his as former WBC world Boxing champion, Glenn Catley. In his drive to the top of his career, he drew upon the services of a solution-focused hypnotherapist by the name of David Newton to allow Glenn to achieve focus, improve his performance and become the number 1 in the world!

Glenn subsequently became a solution-focused hypnotherapist and now spends his time giving inspirational talks  within the workplace. Businesses, just like sports professionals benefit from being at the top of their game and with Glenn spreading the word and therapists like myself working with employers:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety & depression (absenteeism is one of the biggest costs large employers suffer from).
  • Increase motivation.
  • Help people deal with change.
  • Massively increase confidence..
  • Improve performance and flexibility.
  • Coach junior staff prior to promotion.

If you would like to discuss how Glenn & I can help you within the workplace, and indeed how I can help you on an individual basis, either through personal issues and development or if you are sports professional then please do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

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