Is A Hypnotherapist Right For Me?

Have you been wondering “There must be more to life than this?“, or “Why does everybody do better than me?“. Maybe you have been recently divorced or single, made redundant or hit that time in life … Read the rest

I am back for therapy

After a rather testing period for all of us over the last year I am pleased to announce that I am now back practicing for one on one therapy sessions in my new therapy room below. Utmost care will be … Read the rest

Every self-help book ever, boiled down to 11 simple rules

This great article cuts out the clutter of waffle to distill the rules of a happy life. As someone who has come from a sales and marketing background, I’ve either been encourage, forced or chosen to read most books on

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Coronavirus Re-opening

I am pleased to announce that the therapy room is now open for clients again. My room is now in Bumpers Farm, Chippenham and due to the current situation, running at a reduced diary. Currently Wednesdays and Fridays between 5:00pm … Read the rest

Why Is It So Hard For Men To Admit That They’re Lonely?

When I read this article, a slow feeling of recognition came over me. Whilst I have a wonderfully full life of varied job roles, the understanding of people through my psychotherapy, meeting interesting people, an amazing partner and supportive family,

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The link between stress and depression … and the 10 simple words that could help

Neurological insights into how the brain processes stress, and how it can develop into depression, have led to new interventions

This great article explains the fight-flight-freeze behaviour that we go into when we are struggling and how this creates a

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I Am Taking A Break

I have been privileged to share hundreds of peoples amazing journeys over the years. It is with this inspiration that I have decided to explore a new journey myself and it’s with a sad heart that I am putting on … Read the rest

Smoking cannabis just once as a teenager is enough to alter brain structure

Within my practice I am seeing more and more Millennials who come wanting to address mental challenges, confidence issues etc. One of the consistent threads that I hear amongst many of them is the regular use of cannabis. The reasons

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REM vs. deep sleep: What’s the difference?

Sleep – the corner stone to having a happy life. One of the reasons I use hypnosis in the therapy room is that it creates a clinical setting for REM sleep to happen, it also shows you how good sleep

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It is now illegal for your partner to do these 10 things in a relationship

This rather encouraging news brings hope to the many tens of thousands of partners in abusive relationships. I regularly help people that have escaped from these controlling partnerships and a recurring theme is the dawning realisation of how controlled and

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How sheds can help men stave off loneliness after retirement – according to new research

The wonderful article explains how man-sheds or man-caves provides a space for chaps to chill and potter. An idea originating from Australia has taken this to another level by creating a community called Men’s Sheds that creates workshops for men

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