Get your SPARK back with Solution-focused Hypnotherapy

Do you feel that you’ve lost your way a bit in your life? Do you feel as if you are going through the motions but there is that slight ’empty’ feeling? Do you ask yourself “Is this it?!?”

A baby using the power of it's mind to fly the world

Regain your wings and open your mind to an exciting and wonderful world

Then you you are probably one of the many people who have lost your spark or mojo? That ‘spark’ is that very thing in us that makes us explore opportunities, deal with problems easily and calmly, make good, well-thought decisions and generally feel content and happy.

Many of the wonderful people that I see on a daily basis in my therapy room have simply lost that ‘motivation’ to seize life and get the very best from it. It typically ebbs away over a period of time until you have that realisation that you are a million miles away from that person you once remembered being.

Now of course, we can never be quite that ‘younger self’ because of course we are older, yet between then and now we have gained so much in life experience, knowledge and understanding. So of course, when we regain our spark again then the reality is we will be even better then we could ever have imagined: our authentic self: the best we can be, drawn from all of the past and new life experiences, combined with a more mature and considered way of looking at life.

When clients come and see me, they understand why the brain causes us to lose our mojo and how we start to begin the exciting process of becoming the very best that we can be. And of course, when we are at that point, we seek new things in our life, re-assess those areas that we could be even better at, dare to dream and then start the process of putting those dreams into reality.

Solution-focused Hypnotherapy is all about imagining a ‘better future’ and when we do, we start a process that changes all elements of our life: these changes allows you to become healthier, you deal with problems better, you seek opportunities out, you begin to appreciate life and what it means to you and your loved ones, your career, relationships, sports performance and many other areas show incredible improvements.

If what you have read sounds like something you need in your life (and we can all benefit) then give me a call on 07890031223 to book your FREE initial consultation and start getting the real you back!

I cover the Bath & Wiltshire area and have practice rooms in Trowbridge & Lacock. If you have a business or organisation that is interested in getting the very best out of it’s most valuable resource, it’s employees, then I also do company sessions and workshops. 

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