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Why that cigarette, chocolate bar, or new handbag feels so good: how pleasure affects our brain

Ever wanted to know why you do the things you do and then regret them later? This article explains the cycle of addictive behaviours. For those of you that have come to me for weight loss, you’ll know that it’s

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Science Says Drinking Coffee Can Actually Help Alleviate Your Anxiety

This is music to my ears. Coffee, my only vice is truly life’s wonder drink! Ok, like everything in life, it’s good in moderation and too much can be detrimental and actually increase anxiety. However, I’m a 5-6 cups a

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Green Tea For The Brain

If you haven’t traded in your morning latte for a grande green tea,
you’re missing the boat to good health. It’s no secret that green tea
bolsters the body in many ways. But did you also know the same components… Read the rest