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It is now illegal for your partner to do these 10 things in a relationship

This rather encouraging news brings hope to the many tens of thousands of partners in abusive relationships. I regularly help people that have escaped from these controlling partnerships and a recurring theme is the dawning realisation of how controlled and

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5 Factors That Predict If a Marriage Will Last, According to Divorce Lawyers

Here are some fascinating facts about the likelihood of a marriage lasting. Obviously when I work with clients that are having relationship issues, it’s typically a build up of behaviour, changes in circumstances, etc. However these 5 points can all

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New UK domestic abuse law comes into force

This is an issue very close to my heart, having witnessed  the devastating effects of domestic abuse, both physically and domestically.

In a well-needed update to protection of individuals within relationships, UK law has now added the ability to charge

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Science says lasting relationships come down to 2 basic traits

Mature couple looking at each otherIn this rather enlightening (albeit rather long) article you’ll read why certain couples enjoy a health relationship that lasts and why other couples fail. I think the research is a great re-enforcement of what we encourage within the therapy room.

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Why stressed men make poor supporting partners

Stressed CoupleWithin my hypnotherapy practice I see a regular and not insignificant number of women who in times of hardship (money, family, relationship stress etc) cannot understand why their equally stressed husband/ partner isn’t supportive, and can sometimes be quite nasty.

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How To Support A Partner With Depression

This is an interesting read (from Lifehacker.com) on being with someone with depression. Many of my clients come to me on this very mater where I work with them on coping mechanisms so that life is manageable with their depressed

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20 Things that Happy Couples Do (But Never Talk About It)

A happy couple is not a ‘perfect couple’ that comes together, but an imperfect couple that learns to enjoy each other’s differences, and works together every day to create something special. In other words, a great relationship isn’t luck and … Read the rest

36 Questions To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

Many of us have experienced on-line dating, and many of us have experienced that awkward meeting where perhaps the date has run out of conversational steam. Well, despair  no more, a fascinating study by Psychology Researcher Arthur Aron on interpersonal … Read the rest